how to order

To place any order, email us at eatlovervegan@gmail.com.
Week-day 0rders must be placed at least 7 days prior to delivery date.
Our week-end orders fill up fast, so please order as early as possible.

Please be sure to include all of the following information when emailing us an order:

  1. Your name.
  2. How many donuts you would like to order.
  3. What flavour(s) of donuts you would like (if applicable).
  4. A phone number where you can be reached.
  5. Your address (if you require delivery).  Please be sure to include an apartment number and a buzzer number if applicable.

You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours (during business hours).  In that email we will also clarify with you whether you would like to choose pick-up or delivery of your order.


Week-end orders = Various flavours.
Week-day orders = Classic sprinkle flavour.

We regularly post ads for week-end donut orders.  These will have various flavour options to choose from and will have a Saturday and/or Sunday delivery date.  However, when ordering outside of any week-end donut order time-frame or when there currently isn't any week-end order promotion in effect, our regular week-day orders will only consist of our classic sprinkle flavour (can't go wrong with those!).


$15 for a half dozen donuts (6).
$25 for a dozen donuts (12).

Cash only.  Due upon delivery/pick-up.

fresh is best!

Our donuts are made fresh to order and are best enjoyed the day they're baked.

woopsie daisy

If you fail to pick up your donuts during the predetermined pick-up time period or are not present at the time of delivery, we will sell the donuts to another interested customer.  Unfortunately, we do not hang on to unclaimed donuts for any specific period of time as we do not sell day-olds.