Eat Lover is a small batch vegan bakery located in Kingston, Ontario consisting of two vegans passionate about junk food.  With our fresh, soft and chewy donuts being the star of the show, Eat Lover also makes pizza with homemade pepperoni, and other sweet and savory treats.

Come check us out at the Memorial Centre Farmers' Market every Sunday, 10am-2pm (NEW TIME!). We serve up fresh donuts, hot pizzas, and all vegan BBQ!

Special orders are available by email: eatlovervegan@gmail.com

Our donut flavours change weekly according to seasonal and/or local ingredients.


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Owner / Baker

Interests: Making Donuts. Napping. Snuggling with Charles. Podcasts. Animals. Binge-watching trash tv. Fashions

Special Skills: Making amazing vegan food.

Pet Peeves: Repeat episodes of Dr. Phil.

Favourite Movies: Guardians Of The Galaxy. Bio Dome.

Favourite Food: “Egg”-trick sandwiches.


Expert Helper / Designer

Interests: Movies. Music. Video Games. Food. Comedy. Animals. Traci. Charles. Godzilla.

Special Skills: Helping raccoons out of dumpsters.

Pet Peeves: People who are not able to silently watch a whole movie in a theatre without distracting themselves and others. People who don’t like animals.

Favourite Movie: Guardians Of The Galaxy. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. Too many others to list. YouTube videos of people tripping and falling.

Favourite Food: Vegan Pizza


Unofficial Taste Tester / Dog

Interests: Food, His Parents, Sleeping, Squirrels

Special Skills: Stopping his parents from ever leaving the house (by force). Spotting (and attempting to destroy) any and every other animal either in person or on a tv screen.

Pet Peeves: All animals besides himself. Clothing.

Favourite Movies: Dogs don’t watch movies.

Favourite Food: Baby carrots. Every food.